Malala Personality

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Malala is an extremely brave person for continuing her studies knowing what could happen to her, even after she was shot she continued her schooling and studies. Who exactly is Malala? Malala is a woman that was born in Mingora, Pakistan and was born July 12, 1997. In her culture she was looked down on because she’s a woman. When Malala was born she was born at dawn which is a sign of good luck in her community, but since she was still a girl the community felt bad for the family. It was common that parents would be upset if they had a daughter instead of a son.
Malala was always at the top of her class when it came too grades from the very beginning. She always put her education first no matter what threats were made too her or her father. She was a very brave person to continue her schooling knowing how the taliban kill many people and especially women who try to stand up for their education or just women's equal rights in general. The fact that she is at such a young age and still knows that she could be killed but continues her schooling and to do well in school is just amazing and shows her deduction towards her education. Malala believes in the right for education no matter what gender, race or ethnic group you come from she still believes that everyone should have the rights to education. She always disagreed with where she was from just for a woman too out somewhere they had to be escorted by a male or they couldn’t leave the house. Another thing that I personally

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