Manage Risk

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Risk Review
Task 1
Risk description:
An investigation was recently conducted at the at the Toowoomba MacVille café, in order to find out numerous things involved with opening a new store such as: * new goals that can be achieved * the stake holders involved * the social, economic, political and technological features * the strengths and weaknesses * opportunities and risks * research analysis

The reason the investigation was conducted was to gauge what was both good and bad about the new café opening, what needs to be changed in order to increase efficiency at work and any legislative laws involved.
The conduction of the investigation was done in a way to view the aspects of staff members, the community,
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4) Water Tank Installation - by having a water tank installed, it will allow more savings on the water bill, which will benefit the organisation in many financial ways. The cafe can collect rainwater and substitute that for mains pressure water for cleaning and washing purposes.
5) Increase of Sales Promotions - by encouraging the staff to get involved with these promotions, this will bring many financial benefits to the organisation.
Risk management goals and objectives should be consistent with and supportive of the enterprise’s business objectives and strategies. Therefore, the organization’s business model provides an important context for risk management.
Accomplishing and maintaining these goals helps enliven the café and enhance the wholesome spirit we want to project. These goals are long term, ongoing and ever evolving as we grow and learn our business, and are in no particular order:
1. To maintain positive balance in our lives so that the business rounds us out and reflects our values.
2. To embody the meaning of hospitality through a strong, reliable staff.
3. To offer our community wholesome foods that are satisfying, great tasting, and worth every penny.
4. To have our employees and customers feel appreciated, supported and satisfied, every time they come in.
5. To support local, independent business and the farming community through buying locally, keeping it simple and in season.
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