Management Of A Software Writing Team Better

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Let us first understand who a leader is: A leader is person who keeps the group together and helps them in all possible manners to achieve their best. Leadership differs from person to person and from management to management. Leadership is the art to influence people to endeavour them in achieving the objectives of the group. A Leader should be able to see individual talent and develop it so that he can achieve maximum benefit from it. A Company should keep adding new talent for its better development. A Leader should provide proper guidance to the employees so that resources are efficiently used.
This will aid us in understanding our case study: The Management of a software writing team better. The project that the team was dealing with was about a management planning system. It was a product being used by the company itself which they wanted to release to their users. The team was oriented well with the Project Leader: Caroline, Team Leader: Elizabeth and the Team Members: Andrew, Peter and Janet. This formed the Software team and it was answerable to higher officials who included: Stuart and Alan, wherein Alan was subordinate to Stuart. Sally and June were also employed as home programmers in the early stages of the project, but due to their ineffectiveness they had to be terminated with the approval of the entire team.
The team’s strength was Caroline who spent most of her time with the users and the rest with the team members helping them achieve

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