Prescription Lexicon Meaning Of Leadership Essay

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The prescription lexicon meaning of leadership is the accomplishment of leading a group. Leadership is the director of the processes who help themselves and others to do the right thing and creates an inspiring vision of the future with motivating and encouraging people /group to achieve the goal of the organization. Leadership is not only look after the organisation but also look after the employees benefit in return perks is simply validation of the job done right. The leadership involves creating difficult decision, establishing achievable goals and providing followers with the knowledge and tools that necessary to achieve the goals. Good Leader possess the strong communication skills, self-confidence and passionate, creative and innovative…show more content…
Leaders are the people who sets a clear vision of the company/organisation which guides employees through the work process. To guide the employees to move forward the leader must have ability to builds morale by influencing employees to understand and accept the future state of the organisation. Motivating employees is also a responsibility of leaders by trusting them and be a trustable leader finding out enough about the needs and wants of employees, giving them what they and providing praise for a job well done is the main source of motivating each another. Guiding employees by providing them to define their role in the work process with the tools needed to perform and participate in their efforts along the way. The leadership is the person that just doesn’t look after the company but also gives motivation each team members and leads to the setting goal by giving specific task knowledge and skills (if needed) and gives each individual/ team member their performance feedback so they have motivation and do the right thing and feedback helps to solve the problem with
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