Management Of Incremental Software Development Across Cross Functional Teams

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Agile is the management of incremental software development across cross functional teams. Learned from years of successes and failures, the agile philosophy centers on software development with an importance with self-organization, motivation, in addition to daily team interaction. It means being able to present working software instead of slides and documentation. Agile encourages customer collaboration throughout the entire process to allow developers to respond to change in a timely manner. The agile development process can be implemented by different developmental processes and is comprised of several key principles. With personal experience of the outcome of correct agile implementation; agile can have the opposite effect without …show more content…

Each increment includes a planning phase where high level requirements are defined. These requirements are bundled into delivery cycles and at the end of each delivery cycle a working functionality is delivered to the customer. Iterative life cycles are scalable and can be used for large or small projects. They are also useful when projects have predefined schedule constraints. Other types of life cycles are sequential life cycles and prototyping life cycles. Sequential life cycles include models such as the Pure Waterfall Method, differ from agile because the product is not delivered until the end of the project. The waterfall method however, implements phases such as the agile method but, these phases produce documentation not working deliverables to the customer. The waterfall method works well for projects with customers that know what they want and are fully committed to the project. Prototype life cycle models are particularly unique. A prototype life cycle model, such as the rapid prototyping model, is commonly utilized as a visual tool than an entire standalone process. Rapid prototyping is designed to model a piece of software and product with limited functionality. The rapid prototyping model is usually incorporated into the waterfall method during the concept definition phase to provide a visual aid to the customers, since no working

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