Management Plan For The Music Festival

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Project management has always been an important branch of management. It involves gathering different resources with using a scientific approach of management to build all types of projects, starting from infrastructure facilities and buildings, to IT projects, or even to prepare and manage special events. As far as special events are concerned, Music Festivals usually require precise planning and organising for many reasons. The huge number of guests associated with such events, and the different types of resources needed to complete the project are all crucial elements, and will make planning for the Music Festival such a challenging task for the project manager, especially if it lasts for few days. The lack of accommodation, the hilly nature of the ground, and unexpected changes in weather are all problems facing the project manager that need to be addressed appropriately. This essay will discuss the resourcing plan, risk management plan, and leadership and management plan for the Music Festival. it will also discuss the reasons behind choosing the predictive approach among other available options in implementing project life cycles.

The Music Festival is going to be held in the countryside of Victoria during the Australia Day weekend in 2016. The expected number of guests are between 8000-12000 guests and might change without prior notice. The local accommodation is limited, which means many extra units or little tents will be prepared and provided to address this

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