Management of Financial Resources and Performance Essay

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Assignment: Management of Financial Resources and Performance Introduction This assessment accounts for 100% of your overall module grade. It is an individually written assignment of about 3000-3500 words (10% -/+) excluding appendices, to be submitted to LSS Business School on the deadline shown in the student portal with the appropriate cover note according to the guidelines given in the student handbook. Your work is expected to be analytical and evaluative, consolidate on relevant theory and indicate a good level of application abilities. In order to complete this assignment you are required to select a company of your choice and identify the various stakeholders and their Interests on the company. You need to briefly explain…show more content…
An additional approval fee of £25K needs to be paid in advance to operate in the every yr. In addition a one off Royalty Fee of £25K needs to be paid despite of the operational years. Switzerland Running expenses is estimated to be £200K per annum and expected revenue is Swiss Francs 3800K per Annum, An additional License fee of £30K needs to be paid in advance to operate in the route for a yr. Given the controls in this country, any factory of this nature will need an inspection by the authorities every 3 yrs amounting to £70K per inspection. Cost of New machinery for this purpose in any country is £450K, Life time of the Machinery is 10 yrs and at the end of 5 yrs the machinery will attract, a residual value of £150K. Any material that you will decide to use as a result of your research would need to be submitted at the back of your assignment in the form of an appendix to ensure that the tutor is also briefed to the same level as you, when assessing your work. Take great care and follow the wording below carefully, to ensure that you have covered all the requirements sufficiently, according to the given tasks below. Task One This task is based on identifying the various stakeholders and their interests on a company of your choice. Briefly explain how they can be managed effectively in the organisation. In particular, you are required to write a formal report of 1,000 words (10%
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