Managing Diverse Virtual Teams Of The Lanx Textile Company

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Managing Diverse Virtual Teams Introduction This is to inform you that the Lanx Textile Company will be undergoing significant changes to increase its profit margin. The company intends to open a new manufacturing plant in India. This will lower the costs of manufacturing that have recently risen in the last few months in the UK. Although, the best managers will be selected based on their leadership skills, performance track records, and experience to physically manage the employees in India. Therefore, the selected individuals will be expected to work as a virtual team to accomplish the objectives of manufacturing more textiles at low costs to increase the profit margin of the company. Importance of working virtually Opening another plant in India is advantageous to the Lanx Textile Company. The company will benefit from the cheap labor and availability of raw materials among other resources that will significantly lower the costs of manufacturing. However, cultural barriers and trust building will pose a challenge as the company will be operating from both the Indian and UK cultural contexts. This will mostly affect the expatriate managers going to India because none of them has knowledge about the Indian culture. It is expected that the Indian employees will have a phobia of sharing information with the UK managers. Because of the varying cultural contexts between the two races, Indians subscribe to a high context culture where the society is reluctant to share close or

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