Managing Emoji 's Effectively Within A Managerial Context

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Managing Emoji’s Effectively Within a Managerial Context
Emoji’s are small icons used to convey emotion. For academic clarity, it is necessary to classify emoticons and emoji’s as the same. Emoji’s can be very useful in written business communication, however their use must be carefully considered, dependent on the business environment. Using emoji’s within the right context leads to a greater understanding of an individual’s personal emotion than more traditional forms of computer generated communication. When management uses emoji’s within in an appropriate setting, worker’s, especially those of the younger generations, gain more enjoyment, which leads to a more amiable work environment, necessary in creating and fostering business
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This is not only beneficial for management, but rather employees, who as they have better expressed their feelings towards particular business interests, will experience heightened job satisfaction (Pettit Jr, Goris & Vaught 1997), as a result of being positioned in business projects they respond and identify to in a positive manner. It is therefore clear that there does lie a clear place for emoji’s; as they are able to generate a favorable outcome for both management and lower echelon workers.
Within the rapidly changing business environment, there has been a large increase in the number of businesses operating in a cross-national setting. Written communication therefore plays an important role, as business members are able to communicate and co-ordinate, usually by Email, their plans and procedures that they are undertaking, without being constrained across different time zones. Expanded global business operations is congruent with employing staff from different backgrounds and culture’s. The effectiveness of the use of emoji’s in communication across different culture’s must be questioned, as those receivers may interpret the sender’s message in a way that wasn’t intended. It is argued that when conducting cross cultural communication, plain text is the most beneficial (Capatîna & Schin 2013), as the message is clear, and the ambiguous nature of the emoji are not needed to be interpreted. Clarity is
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