Managing People in Organizations Assignment 2011

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Master of Business Administration International Programme Managing People in Organizations ASSIGNMENT OCTOBER 2010 – SEPTEMBER 2011 Prepared by Karim Saied Ibrahim Mahmoud El Sisi Submitted on 22 of August 2011* nd * The delay in receiving of the books to mid of July, 2011 was a primary factor 1 I. Table of Contents # I II IV VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX Contents Table of Contents Table of Figures Introduction What is management? Importance of Management Functions of Management Management Styles Business Case: Lilly Choice Methods of Investigation The Choice Game Plan Situational Leadership Practice Conclusion and Remarks Appendix I: Interviews References Pg. No. 2 3 4 4 4 6 8 11 11 12 13 19 21 23 26 2 II. # 1…show more content…
6. Essentials for prosperity of society:  Organizations play a pivotal role towards the community. By helping to improves the standard of living of the individual, create new job opportunity, increases salaries, improve health care, and education, training of their employees. All these aspects will reflect positive on the society. Also good management can determine actual needs of the customers, and also create new products which will increase the welfare of people. 5 After demonstrate the importance of management to each and every organization. Good management will not reflect only on the owners of organizations but it will reflect on all aspects of life starting from employees to customers and society. So to define good management we should know what the main functions of management are. Functions of management 1. Planning: The main function of good management is to set plan for the current period and for the future of the organization. This plan should be matched with the goals and objectives of organization today and tomorrow. “Planning is deciding in advance - what to do, when to do & how to do. It bridges the gap from where we are & where we want to be” KOONTZ. Planning is the most important function of management, because all actions of the management depend on the planning. If the plan was matching with the objectives and goals of organization and matched with internal and external factors, it will
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