Managing Performance with Change Theory

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Managing Performance with Change Theory
Like many companies today, JBL Enterprises (herein referred to as “JBL”) is struggling with a decline in productivity due to a lack of employee motivation. Despite staffing and processes remaining stable, JBL has experienced a significant decline in productivity in recent years. In order to understand the issues at hand, this situation can be looked at via Change Theory (Lewin, 1947). This theory utilizes a three step process of Unfreeze-Change-Freeze (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2013). By utilizing Lewin’s Change Theory, JBL can implement and sustain empowerment strategies that will motivate employees, thereby increasing productivity.
Change Theory
Lewin’s Change Theory suggested
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45). It stands to reason, then, that if employees are committed to the organization they work for, they will be more motivated and productive.
Changes at JBL
In order for JBL to effectively implement changes to increase motivation, they will need to understand the employees’ reasons for their lack of motivation. Perhaps employees displeased with the process to build the computers since it has not been updated in years. JBL could listen to this concern and explore new technology to aide in the assembly. When the plan is made, it is important that employees are empowered to make the expected changes. Andre (2013) noted that Xerox helped their 100,000 employees embrace a change by training them all on the upcoming changes and what their individual roles were in that change. This helped move people towards higher productivity and away from their concerns that could hinder production; which is key in unfreezing (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2013). If JBL listens to staff and updates the assembly technology, then trains them on new process, they could see an increase in productivity that is lasting.
JBL Enterprises would be well suited by the use of change theory as presented by Lewin.
Upon gaining insight into issues that led to an unmotivated workforce, JBL management could get better equipment, implement processes and policy changes and train staff on the changes to ensure greater productivity. Employees would be empowered to
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