Managing Service Delivery Individual Final Assessment Essay

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Patrick John M. Tabay 19 June 2015
DHSM 303 Managing Service Delivery Individual Final Assessment

1. Service quality is a measurable set of standard established upon by a provider in delivering services to a client/customer. It can also be viewed upon as a degree of both tangible and intangible expectation coming from a customer’s perspective on how these services are realized by the supplier or by the product coming from the provider.

Dimensions of quality:
Performance – this is the primary operating characteristics of a product (David, 1987). A customer usually looks for this particular quality in availing product or service. This quality dimension involves elements which can be assessed, they can be ranked factually on separate aspect of performance. A customers’ decision making is usually influenced by this dimension of the product or service.
Features – this dimension is auxiliary to the basic operating characteristic (David, 1987). Considered as the “bells and whistles” of product and services it has distinct characteristic or aspect of a merchandise or service. Feature is also a key factor in influencing the decision making process of a would-be user.
Reliability - This dimension mirrors the likelihood of a product deteriorating or shortfalls in quality (David, 1987). This is a very important dimension in the service because it determines the product or service longevity in the industry one is competing for survival, if it possess this
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