Margaret Of Navarre And Catherine Parr

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The education of women in Medieval Europe is hard pinpoint primarily because the view of the education of young girls and adult women were that they were intellectually inferior to men as well as naturally. It was believed that they could not learn anything but the basic things that could make them a better wife or nun; these thoughts regarding their intellectual abilities usually came from science and the Bible. Noble woman were usually educated and their literary works were protected from criticism because of their status. Some queens like Margaret of Navarre and Catherine Parr did write poems and meditations. A good deal about a women’s education can be deduced from the didactic works addressed to them throughout the Middle Ages, especially from the early 13th century onwards stated by (Power, 1975). The education of woman was mainly vocational meaning usually the nuns were the most educated but there were other ways for women to acquire education. One way was schools set up by nunneries which mainly taught women most of higher status secondly, you could be sent to the home of great ladies where you could `learn breeding or you could go the local elementary schools for girls and lastly by apprenticeships.
It used to be common to assume that nunneries were the main source of educated by according to (Power 1975), but nunneries had very small school and could not teach a large population and that not all of them had schools; some of the nunneries were very poor and may

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