Maria Musical Analysis Essay

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went to the University of Nevada, he then attended Julliard and graduated with a Masters in music. He then went on to make many choral and instrumental compositions that were well received. Along with being a composer, he is also a conductor and he has conducted many choirs and orchestras. The music he composed for orchestras has also been performed by some the world’s best instrumental ensembles. He has written for The Kings Singers, The Philharmonia Orchestra, and the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. He even wrote a song for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. Previously mentioned, he got international recognition for his virtual choir which included thousands of voices from different countries and the choir received …show more content…

He is also married to the Grammy award winning opera singer Hila Pittman and they have a son (Whitacre). Eric Whitacre incorporates many musical elements into his music. People say his choral music has harmonic flamboyance, amazing dissonance and crushing harmonic relationships and this is why many people that sing in choir loves his music (Larson). His first choral composition “Go Lovely Rose” incorporates many musical elements. When I first listened to this song, I was shocked by how amazing it sounded, this is a very beautiful choral piece. The song is an acapella piece and he uses very rich harmonies that switch from being consonant and dissonant. There are also parts of the song when they sing in unison. One big element that he uses in this song is imitative polyphony. At the part of the song when the choir sings “Then died that she “,the soprano comes in then the alto then the tenor then the bass and there are also other parts of this song where that occurs. He also used a lot of dynamic contrast in this song. There were parts of the song where they would crescendo and decrescendo and this would shape the phrases. The song utilized soft dynamics like pianissimo and loud dynamics like

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