Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

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To be able to figure out the underlying reasons of the high market value of Facebook, we have to understand how the market value works. Generally, the market values of the stocks are perceived by us-stakeholders. There are numerous indicators to determine the value of the stock. First is because of mobile. Facebook could thrive in a world based around the smartphone. Zuckerberg manage the transition to mobile, Facebook was getting 53% of its revenue from its 945,000,000 mobile users, Facebook has monetized mobile better than any other website in the world, and its in-stream native ad units are impressively powerful.( Felix Salmon 2014) Secondly, The macro economies, since we are living in the computerized world, this can be strength for the company to capitalize the opportunities in order to capture a sizeable market share, Facebook has huge amount of users and highly concentration, with 901 million active monthly users, Facebook offers advertisers unprecedented access to consumers. It's this scale that makes the site so valuable. Advertisers can reach massive audiences in a single platform.(m) As of September 30, 2013, it had 1.19 billion monthly active users out and had 727 million daily active users on average. Approximately 80% of its daily active users are outside the U.S. and Canada. It said 874 million of its users have used its mobile products.( Smita Nair 2014) Thirdly,
Intangible assets can be invaluable. Facebook's acquisitions of smaller firms have brought it
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