Market Research Report of the Volkswagen Golf Vi.

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Market research

Market research report of the Volkswagen Golf VI.


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Table of contents 2 Introduction 3 Market research 4 Defining the problem and research objectives 4 Developing the research plan for collecting information 5 Implementing the plan, collecting and analyzing data 7 Interpreting and reporting the findings 8 Conclusion what the market research tell us 8 The application part of the Market Research 9 Application the theory part for this situation 9 Analyzing and reporting the findings 11 Conclusion 13 References 14 [pic] 15


Our company, Car Market Research Ltd. is a market research company. This company was
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When they defined the problem, they have to set the research objectives. The marketing research has three types: 1.Exporatory research 2. Descriptive research 3. Casual research
First the company has to lead an exploratory research. Explore what the exact problem is: this includes the gathering of preliminary information that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses. After gathering the information from exploratory, the company needs to define another objective, which is descriptive in this case- that is to ascertain certain magnitudes- demographic information. Some research is casual- that is to test a cause-and-effect relationship.

Developing the research plan for collecting information

“The second step of the marketing research process calls for determining the information needed, developing a plan for gathering if efficiently and presenting the plan to marketing management. The plan outlines sources of existing data and explains the specific research approaches, contact methods, sampling plans and instruments that researchers will use to gather new data”(Phillip Kotler: Principles of marketing)

Secondary and primary research
Secondary data exist of information that already exists somewhere, having been collected for another purpose. It is a quick way to get information and it is cheaper than primary data. Although it can not provide all the necessary data, so primary

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