Why Is Making An Effective Message?

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1. Why is analyzing your purpose important to composing an effective message?
- Analyzing “sets the stage” for your professional message and lends a hand, allowing you to make good decisions. While analyzing, you must determine your purpose, the reason why you are communicating and the outcome you want to achieve. Composing an effective message means you’re cleaning up your content, making sure its organized, understandable, has coherent sentences and logical paragraphs, and a designing format or delivery approach that is professional and makes the communication easy to follow.

2. Explain the difference between the primary audience and the secondary audience. Primary audience is the direct recipient of your message- the person or people to whom your message is addressed. Secondary audience is anyone else who may receive a copy of your message (or hear about it), either from you or from the primary audience.

3. What is the difference between primary research and secondary research? Describe a business communication situation in which you would want to research both sources of information to support your message.

- Primary research is the process of collecting your own data from original sources.
- Secondary research is the process of searching published reports, articles, and books for information other people have collected.
- For example, If I wanted to submit a proposal to my supervisor on how having cultural diversity in the workplace would cause the employees to
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