Marketing Analysis : Creative Layla

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The main goal of the organization is to increase acceptance toward the changes made to the yearbook. The yearbook depends on two main target audiences to achieve their goal. The two target audiences are the active members of the organization and the student body. Both audiences have been analyzed in order to provide a detailed persona profile. Creative Layla is the persona profile develop for the first target audience. Layla is a 19 year old sophomore at the University of the Ozarks from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Layla is an active member of the Aerie yearbook and possess editing, writing, and photography skills. She is committed to the organization and sets time in her schedules to attend events and take pictures of the students’ life on campus. In addition, Layla enjoys to work together and brainstorm ideas to design the final layouts of the yearbook. The main segmentation determinants for Creative Layla is that she is a college student who works in the campus bookstore and needs to be productive during the day and even during the night, if staying late to study or do homework. She comes from a middle income family and is the youngest daughter in her family. Layla comes from an urban city which is characterized by its liveliness, music, and art. She is very trendy and stays up-to-date with the latest tendencies in pop culture. Creative Layla is heavy user of technology and stays very active in social media. Therefore, she is easily reach through social media and other
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