Marketing Analysis : Color Desire Essay

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Color Desire is a new start up business that sells hair dye using online means considering increasing charm of online shopping due to its easiness and effectiveness. The product will satisfy the customers and achieve sustainable competitive advantage by offering quality products and standard products in the competitive price. As it is an online business, the customers can order the products by using their computer, tablet or Smartphone and receive the products at their door. It applies cost effective operation to increase profitability. It gives an opportunity to the customers to choose the most suitable from the wider varieties. Market research has shown that this business will have the opportunity to grow and develop rapidly. It can be profitable from the starting years but the profit will be increased significantly in later years as the brand its faith and increases loyal customers.
2. Aims of the Business

The business aims fulfil needs and demands of the target customers. Customers want to dye their hair to be unique. As they visit in stores or online businesses, they find very limited types of hair dye but Color Desire will sell wider varieties; so that this brand will be the synonyms phrase of hair colour. We will sell more with highly competitive prices. From each product it will have little profit but as it sells high quantity, the profit will be increased. It makes customers easy to select their suitable colour and order. The customers do not search different shops

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