Marketing Analysis Of Sony Playstation 3

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I chose to conduct a marketing analysis on the Sony PlayStation 3 because it is a product that I am very familiar with. I have been a PlayStation consumer since 1994 when the first PlayStation was established. Therefore, since I am a frequent consumer of this product, I have gained some knowledge of this product over time. When an individual is a frequent consumer of a certain product, the consumer will eventually become aware or at least have some knowledge of the marketing mix of that product. However, besides from being a dedicated consumer, I was also involved in selling this product as a sales associate and this gave me some insight on the marketing mix of this product. As a sales associate, I also received some training from marketers from the Sony Corporation on how to position the PlayStation 3 in an electronics store. Furthermore, I feel knowledgeable about this product due to the exposure that I have had with it.

Product and Positioning
The PlayStation 3 is a high definition gaming console equipped with a Blu-ray player which is manufactured by Sony computer Entertainment. Sony PlayStation3 uses the newest and greatest technology to appeal to their customers. The PS3 offers the most advanced visuals and audio compared to any other gaming console. According to Brian Moats (2008), the people who are most interested in staying up-to-date with the newest technology are usually men of the ages 15-30. To reach that market, PlayStation 3 makes
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