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who will adopt electric vehicles? a segmentation approach of UK consumers Dr Jillian anable The Centre for Transport Research University of aberdeen St Mary’s, Elphinstone Road aberdeen, UK, ab24 3Uf Dr geertje Schuitema Department of Marketing and Statistics aarhus University haslegaardsvej 10 DK-8210 aarhus V, Denmark Dr Stephen Skippon Shell global Solutions Shell Technology Centre Thornton P.o. box 1 Chester, UK, Ch1 3Sh Dr neale Kinnear Transport Research laboratory Crowthorne house, nine Mile Ride wokingham, UK, Rg40 3ga Keywords electric vehicles, consumer preferences, segmentation two-wave design was aimed at reducing psychological…show more content…
In order to examine this premise, we report the results of part of a large scale programme of work in the UK, sponsored by the Energy Technologies Institute, to model the consumer response to EVs. In this paper we concentrate on two closely related strands of this work: (i) the systematic review of theoretical and empirical studies in the area of car purchasing in general and EV adoption more specifically; (ii) the preliminary results from a field study conducted in 2010 using a unique two-wave research design in which 2,729 respondents completed both waves. The aim of this paper is to promote discussion on how the challenges presented by this novel technology can be addressed by both academic research and commercial marketers of EVs, particularly given dynamic consumer preferences and attitudes. Secondly, the preliminary results suggest that symbolic motivations of consumers may be more important than instrumental or demographic
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