Marketing Is An Essential Component For Any Company

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Mistakes can easily be made in any industry. Marketing is a valuable branding strategy to ensure that a business meet customer needs. According to Berkowitz (2011), for any business, the focus of marketing revolves around the selling of products and services to meet customer needs (p. 257). In this case, marketing is an essential component for any company because the main goal is to obtain customer loyalty. However, for any organization, whether in health care or traditional business, a major aspect of marketing is to create value (Berkowitz, 2011, p. 238). With that said, originations’ in all industrial markets similarities and difference in making significant marketing mistakes.
One of the biggest mistakes in marketing according to Robbins (2014) is not targeting a specific group. The author feels as if it is essential to advertise to a group of people that share common interest instead of marketing to everyone. The health care industry and retailers both offers a wide variety of products and services. On one hand, health care facilities are to care for and maintain or stabilize one’s health. On the other hand, a retailer provides products and services to accommodate the needs and wants of a consumer’s lifestyle. For instance, retailers can range from department stores selling clothing, bikes, sporting goods, cars, or cell phones etc. However, everyone is in need of health care service or product. Maybe smaller HCOs specifically target a particular group in promotional

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