Marketing Management And Planning For Mba 630

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Marketing Plan Submitted to Dr. Naburan Ghose by Talha Yahiya, Mohammed In Partial fulfillment of course requirement for MBA 630 Marketing Management and Planning The University of Findlay MBA Spring- Block II-2015 Talha Yahiya, Mohammed ID#: 502262 Phone#: (469)585-3240 04/26/2015 Table of Contents Executive Summary This summary was written to market a candidate offering has a bachelor’s in commerce and will complete his MBA in Operational Leadership in 2015 from The University of Findlay. The candidate chose to become an MBA so that one day he could play a major role in the fortune 500 companies. For him to because that entity, there were a few roadblock’s first of all he need a master’s degree for a great alma-mater, which he will get in the spring of 2016, second of all was the candidate wants to avoid corporate espionage as much as possible and for him to make sure of that he need a certification which would make him capable of examine the books of his own company that’s why the candidate will be writing his 2 CPA exams in early spring of 2016 and will complete his CPA in fall of 2016. The reason for acquiring this certification so late is because of the requirement which is necessary to have because a candidate can sit for the exam. By acquiring the masters and the certification the candidate will have most of the skills required for a high level position, but no candidate just jump to the top, the last and final step of the candidates plan is get

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