Marketing Martinsville Fire / Ems And Presenting Information

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Background and Significance The purpose of this research project is to explore various ways of promoting and/or marketing Martinsville Fire/EMS and presenting information to educate the public about services provided by the department. The City of Martinsville is located 50 miles south of Roanoke, VA and 50 miles north of Greensboro, NC. The Martinsville Fire/EMS Department covers 11 square miles of land, including a population of 13,821. (U.S. Census Bureau, Virginia Employment Commission, 2016) The department is a combination of career firefighters and volunteers. It was organized in 1891. There are two stations consisting of two engine companies, one ladder company, and two advance life support ambulances. Operations are…show more content…
This was 12.6% higher than the state’s average and 10% higher than the nation’s average. In addition to rising unemployment rates the population of the City of Martinsville declined 10.35% from 2000. Slowly, the unemployment rates for the city have improved. According to the February 2016 reports from the Virginia Employment Commission, the unemployment rate for the city is 7.8% which is still 3.5% higher than the state’s average (U.S. Census Bureau, Virginia Employment Commission 2016). The significance of this is with declining population and high unemployment rates the Martinsville Fire/EMS (MF/EMS) must show the community members the value of the department and the services and programs provided. Up to this point, the MF/EMS has no measure of the community’s opinion towards the department members and services. Additionally, a survey was conducted among the MF/EMS employees for this research project (Ashworth, Survey, March 2016) and found 100% of the individuals that responded felt that the public does not understand what the department does for the community. The survey also revealed that 76.92% of the department feel MF/EMS does not make any effort to inform the public nor offer programs designed to better explain their jobs. However, 84.62% of the MF/EMS employees that responded indicated that they feel customer service is important to the department, but only 15.38% of
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