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1 – Research Braaap Organisation Braaap designs and test the braaapster range of superlite motorcycles here in Australia. Their passion is superlite riding and racing. Braaap was founded by brad smith in Tasmania, Australia and has now grown into an international success and family business, the braaap family.The braaap family includes their pasisonate franchisee’s who are the pioneer’s in developing the the superlite industry, the braap retail experience, the braaap club and community group and the club tracks + complexs in their regions. the braaap retail concept store has been awarded some of the highest honours in business including 3x Australian Specialised Retail business of the year, this couldnt happen if it wasnt for the team…show more content…
This action can bring new clients and keep the old. Another strategy used is the Product Bundles, which means that clients that make big purchase get a discount making it better than buying individuals equipments. Using the Market-Skimming, Braaap initially sets high to “skim”revenue layer-by-layer from the market. They have the image and the quality which they can afford and justify the high price, once their products are the best in the motorcycles equipments, the latest technologic and the biggest company in the Australian market. 4 – Analyse the impact and the importance of the elements: A – The Promotional Methods Braaap is the largest moto fashion retail in Australia. Braaap has been associated the brand in many different championships around the world. All the main events which involve their products, the Braaap attempt. It does not matter if they will sponsorship a tournament or a competitor, but the Braaap will be there. It will impact directly in the market, once people will see the brand everywhere with the best athletics and the best tournaments. Also they have associated their brand with partners around the world that will make Braaap stronger. Also they produce a catalogue monthly to show the costumers the news about the market and the new
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