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Introduction to Access 2007 Tutorial Access 2007 Video Overview: Up to Speed with Access 2007. Access 2007 brings you a new look and new features designed to help you get your work done more easily than ever. In this video, you’ll learn about new file formats, and you’ll also see how to work with files from previous versions of Access. Interactive reference guide to help you quickly learn where things are. When you click the link below, the interactive guide will start. Once you're there, rest the pointer over an Access 2003 menu or button to learn its new location in Access 2007. To see an animation showing the location of the command or button in Access 2007, just click it. Creating a Database using Access 2007 Created: 12…show more content…
3 Creating a Table When you click the Create button your Access 2007 screen will change to the image below. This is the “new look” in 2007 Office. You will now see Tabs and Ribbons that automatically appear for the area in Access on which you’re working. Instead of a Menu Bar and drop down selections, you’ll now see these new features. Tabs Ribbon Groups When we clicked the Create button Access assumed we desired to create – within our Person database – another database – which is called a Table. You’ll notice that at the top of the above image that the Table Tools and Datasheet Tabs appeared to assist you. The Ribbon below these Tabs is composed of Groups of selections you’ll use to assist you as you create your Table. We’ll be working with these Tabs/Ribbons throughout this tutorial. In the lower portion of the above image you’ll see selections that indicate we are creating a new Table. On the left of the Table Tools-Datasheet Tab/Ribbon you’ll see a View button. Click the View button. When you click the View button the image on the left will appear. Since we want to create or design a new Table, we’ll click the Design View selection. A Save As menu screen will appear similar to the image on the right. Type personnel in the Table Name: area and then click the OK button. 4 Your Access 2007 screen will now change again – to the image below. We’ve enlarged the upper left corner of this image below. Notice (in the image

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