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The marketing mix is for the most part made up of four elements, and they are product, place, price, and promotion. These elements are time and again referred to as the four P’s. Countless sources will portray the marketing mix as a formula used in creating a feasible marketing strategy, with each component utilized in various ways and in different intervals supported depending upon the product or service the group or individual is attempting to market. The marketing mix will be described using three sources to illustrate the elements of the marketing mix. It will also express how each one of the four elements of the marketing mix impacts the expansion of an organization’s marketing strategy and tactics.

Marketing Mix
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If so, you’ll probably want to order and stock it and sell it directly from your business. If it’s something they don’t need to see before buying it, you need to make sure that it’s delivered promptly to them and is what they expected when they bought it.
"Price" is what it is. Nevertheless, the right price is instrumental to the success of any business. If your price is elevated consumers will not purchase it & will look elsewhere for a more feasible price. On the other hand, if the price it too low will miss out on considerable proceeds. Therefore, it is essential to price appealingly in order to attract and maintain customers. defines "Promotion" as the tools available to the marketer for 'marketing communication'. Tools such as personal selling, public relations, advertisement, direct mail, trade fairs and exhibitions can all be used to promote your product or service. Consumers need to know the features and benefits, location and the quality of the services you have to offer. Promotion is a vital element to any business. Without successful promotion your business consumers will not know where to purchase your product or service or why your products and services are better than the competitions.
By using variations of these four components you have the capability to attain multiple consumers within your intended market. Establishing a successful marketing mix that will boost results usually takes

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