Marketing Objectives Of Mcdonald 's Corporation

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Executive Summary

Since the day that McDonald’s Corporation was founded, the company has devoted to provide the high quality food and best service to customers. However, the truth is there is no delivery services in the UK’s McDonald’s system. In order to satisfy customer’s needs and wants, and for those customers who are not convenient to go outside, McDonald’s is planning to develop the food delivery system in the UK. On one hand, this move might increase the number of consumers, so that more profit could be made. On the other hand, more employees are required for the company, then more job opportunities are created, it has positive influence to the society.

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It can be seen that delivery service is mature in the UK market. Due to the mature road network in the UK, there is no border to delivery hot and fresh cuisine to the customers.
McDonald’s is a well-known catering company in the world. In the UK market, there is no delivery service. Therefore, a number of customers who looks for fast food cannot enjoy McDonald’s food. Due to the market demand, home and office delivery service should be developed in the McDonald’s.

Overview of the sector

According to the western agricultural economics association research(Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2001), the demand of a fast food service is increasing in a fast level because of its convenience. Delivery service of every thing is very common, such as Argos and ASDA. They deliver their goods to its customer with a strong driving team. It can been seen that UK residents enjoy the benefit of delivery service which brings them convenience.
In the UK, it is not difficult to find a delivery food shop because of its common level. Some companies promo an application of smart phone to let different customers to order their food. The significant example is hungry house. There are over 10,000 restaurants on their perform to let a huge number of ‘hungry’ customer to order their need.
Overview of sector, McDonald’s delivery service should be

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