Pros And Cons Of Pizza Hut

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2.1.1 Analysis of Food Delivery system (Pizza hut) This material is being taken by this link[2]: ( This report is about the delivery system of the pizza hut. How people are being attracted towards the delivery systems. According to a report by NRA last year states that 74-75% of millennial prefer ordering food online. With this drastic change in the dietary habits and the rapid rise of technology is changing the food market rapidly. This so-called digitalization of food delivery enables fast delivery of takeout food with less human interaction. Here are some Pros and cons of an online food ordering system. 2.1.1 Pros 1. Efficient Food delivery process Ordering online is beneficial for both the customer and the …show more content…

During periods of extreme rain and summer, restaurants have recorded a dip in total number guests and in sales. With the help of online ordering and delivery system, customers can dine in the comfort of their own home. Although restaurant will look empty during these extreme climatic conditions, online delivery system will ensure that your order per sales doesn’t drop down. 5. Connecting with Customers Digitally Through an online ordering and delivery system, one can create a complete database of the customers. This will help you in identifying recurring customers, their preferences and repeated orders. Most of the food ordering apps such as Just eat clone, Food panda clone save your history, therefore ordering your favorite cuisines will be much easier. Customer engagement activities will help you get valuable feedback and improve the quality of your service. You can also intimate the customer about certain offers by sending notifications in the form of push messages. 2.1.2 Cons 1. Potential

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