Marketing Objectives Of The Uk Property Developers And Four Building Contractors Firms

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Marketing Objectives: • To have two UK property developers and four building contractor firms as major clients in the first year of operation. • To have one international client within 18 months. • To build brand awareness, online presence and company portfolio. State of the Market The role of the architect is changing, as are the priorities of the profession – it is becoming more client focussed and more concerned with social and environmental issues relevant to the built environment. The demand for new technologies such as BIM (Building information Modelling) is increasing substantially as the demand for a more efficient and cost effective process is required. (GOV.UK, 2010) Over the next decade, Infrastructure construction is projected to grow by 128% in emerging markets, compared with 18% projected growth in developed markets. Demand for new housing projected to 2016 and growth in infrastructure projects, due to major work in the railway and water industries, also offer opportunities for expansion into these markets. (Claire Jamieson - RIBA, 2013) Competition There is high competition between the many architecture firms all trying to win the next contract. With an ever changing environment where technology and the building process are moving toward more economical and sustainable demands, there is an ever increasing need for these firms to deliver on these terms. The company profile and reputation plays a significant part in securing the next contract with

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