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ing pM1 – Comparing the marketing techniques used in marketing products in two organisations. Marketing Technique | The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts | Starbucks Coffee | Ansoff’s Matrix | The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts would have used the Ansoff’s Matrix tool to determine whether their parks and services would be successful in other countries, this tool would have also been useful to devise growth strategies to guarantee success in new markets. For example, Hong Kong Disneyland is the newest of the Disney theme parks built in 2005. The Walt Disney Company would have applied the Ansoff’s Matrix market development growth strategy to seek how successful they would be in a new geographical area. | Starbucks Coffee…show more content…
| Compare | The Walt Disney Company and Starbucks use similar methods in their branding techniques as both use their strong brand image to communicate with consumers subconsciously. The way Disney portray their image of holidays is very similar to the way Starbucks wish to relate all coffee products to theirs. | | Relationship Marketing | The Walt Disney Company use relationship marketing by providing their customers with an enjoyable and memorable holiday when visiting their parks and resorts, when young children enjoy themselves in their parks using their facilities they are also guaranteed repeat custom. | Starbucks use relationship marketing through loyalty schemes. Starbucks supply their customers with a free drink after every 15 drinks bought this creates a customer profile and buying pattern which guarantees repeat custom. | Compare | Both businesses use relationship marketing to guarantee customer satisfaction and the return of their customers. Starbucks have successfully chosen to use a loyalty scheme which consumers acknowledge as customer value. |

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