Marketing Plan For A Brand

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1. Introduction This research proposal will present the customers showing their affinity for a brand by buying the branded products or services or by showing their preference for a specific brand, and bringing more profits and market share in a brand (Keller, 1993). One of the important points that determining the superiority of a brand is its credibility. Credibility can be defined as the believability of branded product information. According to the research by Adams (2013) on the experience of customers purchasing luxury branded products, one of the key factors the luxury branded products and services become the first choice of the customer is because the customers have a higher expectation on their shopping experience and…show more content…
Sweeney and Swait (2008) identified that trustworthiness and capability are two elements of the brand credibility. According to the researches by Louviere et al. (2002), it supports that the quality perceptions of the customers will probably rise through the brand credibility. Researchers also find that brand credibility can probably increase that guests will contain the consideration set of the brand (Erdem and Swait, 1998). * 2.1 Brand Preference Hughes (1976) said that customer research directly set up the empirical support for the notion of brand preference as the connection between the product perceived image or service brand from the customer and the self-image customer in the early. Hellier et al. (2003) defined that ‘the extent to which the customer favours the designated service provided by a certain company, in comparison to the designated service provided by other companies in his or her consideration set’ (Hellier et al., 2003, p. 1765). According to the research by Erdem and Swait (2004), it shows that brand credibility can raise customers’ positive perceptions of the brand that leading to the purchase process of the same brand, and it is basic on their various preferences. In this proposal, the objective of the research is to identify that is that high credibility will attract more
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