Marketing Plan For Top Take Away Restaurant

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Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
Part 1: Research and identify possible marketing opportunities:

The company that I have initiated for my business has named as TOP Take Away Restaurant. The restaurant located in Chadstone Shopping Centre. It is the very strategic and overwhelming location the Chadstone Shopping Centre has been newly renovated with wide range of facilities. Also, it is the biggest shopping hub in Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, I have chosen this location to operate my restaurant. As of now, I have hired one manager, 3 front staff, 3 kitchen staff as my total labor force. The restaurant has been newly renovated, mainly the front part to have a presentable and welcoming appearance for my
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TOP Take Away Restaurant’s competitors:
As we are the sole Indian food provider in Chadstone Shopping Centre, there are no direct competitors to our business. However, when it comes to the Malaysian Food, there are some restaurant which providing moreless same dishes as us which bring a insignificant competition with our business..

Other relevant factors:

As TOP Take Away Restaurant’s in the midst of discussion with some financial institution to get monetary fund to invest in certain factors to develop the our business to be more success.

Three potential marketing opportunities:

 intermediaries

 Licensing

 online business opportunities

Assess marketing opportunities:

Marketing opportunities Marketing opportunities 1: Online business opportunities
Marketing opportunities 2: Intermediaries Marketing opportunities 3: Licensing

Impact on sales The presence of Internet has make things changed drastically. There are many ways which we can embrace the “Online” aid to introduce our products on internet. This is the fastest way to promote the food and service on the website or blogs such as Pinterest, Foursquare which are frequently accessed by patrons to explore the best foods available around them. The sales have high chance to up at least by 20% to 30%. The intermediaries has significant role in promoting foods. Most of the food intermediaries or agents possess good
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