Marketing Plan of iPhone 5 for Australia

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Marketing Plan of iPhone 5 to Australia

Section A: Product Description
The communication industry is growing at extraordinarily fast pace as the demand for new and sophisticated communication gadgets increases. The world has been made into a small global village with advancement in the computer technology. However, this was limited to PC computers and desktop computers to use the high tech technology in communicating across this global village. However, this is no longer the case. Communication through phones has been widely improved to accommodate Internet communication and video chatting. One does not necessary need a PC to communicate via the internet or video chatting especially with the recent development of iPhone 5 by Apple Inc. This will identify some of the valuable iPhone 5 features as the company intends to market it into the Australian market.
Technology has made it possible to communicate and transact globally right on the palm. The iPhone technology is the latest and most sophisticated technology, which has vastly improved the global communication. The iPhone has a variety of features including its small size, which have made it the leading high tech-gadget than its predecessors. Amongst the iPhone models, the iPhone 5 is the latest and newest design of the iPhone model.
The iPhone 5 is a design of its own kind having been designed from the first design principles. It is the most recent model having superior features over the iPhone 4S. It is the

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