Marketing Plan on Single Product

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Marketing plan


‘Carrot chips’ (A product of Bombay Sweets Bangladesh Ltd)

Nestle Bangladesh Ltd.
Gulshan Twr. 4th Fl., Plot 31 Rd. 53, Gulshan N C/A
Dhaka, 1212
880 02 988 1302

A Report


‘Apple chips’

Prepared by

Dipock Mondal

Table of Contents

Serial No. | Subject | Page | | Executive Summary | I | | Acknowledgement | II | | Introduction | 1 | | Present Situation (Macro & Micro Environnent) | 1 | | Market Summary | 2 | | Target Market, Target Market Segment | 2-3 | | Market Needs | 3 | | SWOT Analysis | 4 | | Competition | 5 | | Marketing Strategy | 5 |
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Then we would like to thank to assign this type of work. At last but not least lots of cordiality to all our group members for their kind consideration.


1.1. Origin of the report

This report originates to fulfill the requirement of studying Marketing Management, which is the course of BBA Program of ASA University Bangladesh. The topic of the report is “Marketing Plan on a single product”.

1.2. Scope of the report

The company is very organized and resourceful organization. Its annual reports, publication, documents and websites are very much rich for data collection.

1.3. Purpose The purpose of the report is to develop our skills in marketing activities and to elaborate our knowledge.

1.4. Limitations

To prepare this report we have faced a lot of problems such as unavailability of lab, electricity problem, unavailability of related books, lack of time, unavailability of information in net etc.

Current Market Analysis


Bangladesh is a developing country though the economic condition of this country is not so good, The economy is turning from agricultural sector to and industry sectors. So the future of any industry like chips in this country is very bright.


The govt. is also attentive

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