Marketing Principles: Adidas

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FASHION MARKETING MARKETING PRINCIPLES FINAL ASSIGNMENT Adidas Originals Lecturer: Francoise Tellier, Student Name: Rita Zheng ID: 005FM711 Level 1.1.1, Date: 9/5/2011 TABLE OF CONTENT I. Part 1 Introduction of the Brand ----------------------------------------------------------------------4 II. Part 2 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS ---------------------------------------------5-17 a. Macro Marketing Environment Analysis ---------------------------------------------------------5-11 i. Political -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 ii. Economical…show more content…
FOUNDER: Adolf Adi Dassler CONTROLLING COMPANY: Nuremberg , Germany. At present adidas has three series: Adidas Performance, Adidas Originals and Adidas Style. Adidas Originals use the clover logo. Clover became the adidas logo since 1972. At that time all of the adidas products used this logo. The shape of the clover looked like a world map. It emblem the three lines extend all of the world. But from 1996, the clover logo was only used for the adidas originals. The Adidas Originals are based on the best products in the adidas history modification a little bit of the style and materials then re-published. The adidas originals are more fashion than before. In 2001, the first Adidas Originals store opened in Berlin, Germany. Later that year, another Adidas Originals store opened in Tokyo, Japan. Not long before, the third Adidas Originals store opened in New York 's Soho district. In March 2007, the first Adidas Originals stores opened in Shanghai. The Adidas Originals concept store in ZhengDa Square in Shanghai is the second Adidas Originals store in China after the one opened in The Place in Beijing, and was also the first concept store in Shanghai. Maybe it is because each of the classical collections has a unique story, in people’s eyes the
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