Marketing Report Jack Wills Germany

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* Title page * Table of contents (contents page) * List of tables * List of graphs * List of appendices * Executive summary (one to two page summary) * Major findings * Conclusions * Recommendations * Introduction * Country comparison and selection * Market Entry Modes * Marketing Strategies * Conclusions and recommendations * References * Appendices According to scholars, Political factors alongside economic factors tend to have a more the proportion impact in organizational performance. 1. Your recommendations and justifications for country selection. DATA ANALYSIS Political Economic/ Financial Risk- Significantly has a low rate of inflation. GERMANY- 1.1% inflation,…show more content…
England being the only European market that jack wills is operating in they are further planning expansion within Europe as well. This report has been designed by myself as the acting consultant to Jack Wills, Directors have identified four potential markets, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Romania. Understanding markets internally and externally is crucial to market entry decisions being made. Hence initially a PESTLE analysis is conducted, allowing us to gather enough information about the countries and their external forces... ‘Information is a key ingredient in the development of successful international marketing strategies.’ (Hollensen, 2007) It is critical that the organization collects and understands information relating to these markets in areas that are familiar to customers, competitors and the market environment as a whole. The term market research refers to gathering, analysing and presenting information related to a well-defined problem. It is critical to collect the appropriate information necessary for market analysis. The information is assessed and analysed in swot and pest analysis frameworks, while this will only be the foundation of the whole process of international marketing. The nature of information needs is dependent on the degree of involvement a firm has in international markets alongside the experience it has in its operations in international markets. Jack Wills has already had experience in
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