Marketing Research Assignment

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Question 1
For a successful firm, having a good research to realize the customers need is very important. Qualitative research and quantitative research are the main method to collect information and data from customers for making firm’s decision. However, there is a different between qualitative and quantitative which used in different part of projects. And they both have advantages and disadvantages in the process and the conclusion which may lead to incorrect decisions.
Indeed, to distinguish two research methods and when to use or when not to use, it will increase the accurately of outcome for making decisions correctly.

The meaning of research is a process to collect information, data and suggestion from interviewers. And
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If a company using qualitative research for collecting information from outside, they can identify customer needs or obtain information to generate measures for improvement or create a new ideas (I). As usual in business, qualitative research can let them understand how their customer recognize a marketing message, and capture the culture and similarly customers using to relate and define a product, service of business. And the useful of getting qualitative research is, to provide enough information to design quantitative study and explain findings that form a quantitative study (J).
But absolutely there is a time that qualitative research does not suitable to use. It does not expect qualitative research to measure, count or offer statistical justification which is all the range and wide question and information collected from the result with uncountable.
It cannot be a final result from qualitative research such as determine the final idea, survey, establish the importance of specific people needs, thinking or satisfaction critical because it is only an opening research. If time and money budget is limited, qualitative research is not reasonable that will spend a big amount of money and consume a long period of time for processing this research (H).
Qualitative research is very useful tools for
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