Marketing Strategy : Marketing, Inc.

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Introduction Although the economic crisis has waned down, most companies are going through hard times trying to garner client confidence. This comes in the wake of regulations to see companies retain more equity mean, easier legal frameworks, and uncertainty about lending thereby forcing firms to apply strategies and restructuring plans to attract more business and stay relevant amidst growing competition. Restructuring thus requires a clearly defined plan in a skillful way to ensure that a company achieves success. This paper seeks to identify the strategies CaliFoods, Inc. a fictional retail outlet would use to improve its business. CaliFoods, Inc. is a retail outlet operating in California and competes with Walmart for market share dominance in the region. The company would thus need to apply the overarching grand strategies to shape its course of business. These strategies usually focus on a business’ short and long-term goals and objectives. Concentrated Growth The company would apply the concentrated growth strategy to maximize its profits and thus dominate the market in terms of the current technology and market share. This strategy would aim at directing the company’s resources toward a high rate of growth in profits of one product in a particular market, with a single central technology. This would be done through effective promotion, adjusting to customer price sensitivity, assessing the market needs, as well as having a concise knowledge of consumer behavior.
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