Marketing Strategy Of A Competitive Market Environment Strategies Adopted By Marketers

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In a competitive market environment strategies adopted by marketers to advertise products and services are crucial. This is because the choice of a marketing strategy may determine whether business organizations achieve their targeted sales or not. Ideally, the appropriate marketing strategies to use should be determined by the consumer purchasing behavior in respective markets. Therefore, for youth oriented consumer economies, marketers should adopt marketing strategies that target the youth population to effectively market their goods and services. Over the last few decades consumption in China and India has increasingly become more similar to the western style consumption. These economies have shown trends towards youth oriented consumption, where majority of consumers of goods and services with growing sales are predominately youth. Notably, in the two countries youths are increasingly purchasing products that give them a sense of individual identity. Typically, the culture in these countries has significantly dictated the demand for goods and services. Therefore, marketers for certain products have had a difficult time promoting their products and services perceived not to be contrary to the culture. Conversely, the demand for some goods and services has ideally been guaranteed due to cultural practices. However, in the contemporary China and India, youths demand for goods and services to express their individuality and not necessary to conform to expectation dictated
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