Youth Generation: The Baby Boomers

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For my assignment this week I am writing about China and India trends and how they are copying the Western-style for the past several decades. In this paper I will talk about the United States economy and how it has overcome several hardships of the past. I will talk some about the youth and their generation of China and India and how they are affecting the economy in their homeland. Last but not least I will discuss the trend that the United States is setting on these countries through their younger generation.
My assignment will cover the up and coming marketing strategies that will be used and aimed towards the new younger oriented consumer markets. These marketing techniques that are being used in China and India are formatted to the styles in which the United States have been using to offer the younger generation of consumer for the past sixty years. “Consumer economy refers to the concept that evaluates an assortment of adjusts in recent consumption stages as well as the alteration taken place in capital, demography and society over a period of time”, White, S., 2012. This allows us to see the whole picture of variables and the social activities that are present in the consumer economy.
The American budget is one of the largest budgets in the world. The United States budget level has an elevated output and the leading buying power equivalence. Appropriate strategies assumed by the government could not affect the market even during the era of the recession in the

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