Marketing Strategies For A Marketing Strategy

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In recent years, market has become more complex that there are many different kinds of companies appeared. Moreover, the competition between these companies in marketing has become more intense. Practice effective marketing strategies is very important for most of the companies who want to be successful and to become leaders in marketing. Strategy is part of marketing techniques that combine all the market goals which are the company needs to make a completed plan in order to increase sales and maintain customers (Bennie, 2016). Marketing strategies have been extensively studied in the marketing area. For example, marketing strategy was discussed in by Robert Morello who has an extensive business background in marketing area. As for the problem that the company will use different strategies for the same product, I have investigated it from different articles.
With the recent development of modern market, the way of setting useful strategies for modern market has changed a great deal. Especially for the target market, defined as a group of specific consumers that a company aims its products and services towards (Staff, 2016). There are 3 types strategies for companies to select target markets. They are Undifferentiated Strategy, Concentrated Targeting Strategy, and Multisegment Targeting Strategy. The first strategy a essential mass-market philosophy that views the market as one big market and uses one marketing mix. For example, tooth brushes (like the brand Oral-B). This…
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