Marketing Strategy Of Acme Widget Company

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I. Project Summary 2
II. Audience profile 3
III. Competitive Positioning 4
IV. Targeted Message 5
V. Tone and Messaging 5
VI. Integrated Communication Strategy 6
VII. Conclusion 6
VIII. References 7

As Acme Widget Company has released the new type of its toy products called “Generations”, the main purpose of this project is to publicly announce the Generations in order raise its awareness positively in the public eye. Besides the project’s purposes, the project also has some specific goals that align with the purpose; therefore, those goals are:
• Increasing Generations’ public awareness by 90% at the end of the year
• Increasing Generations’ engagement in terms of purchases
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In fact, the target market should want the offering because it is kid friendly which will engage their children. In addition, the target audience should want Acme’s offerings because they offer complete safety to children because they are wooden made rather than plastic made, which sometimes contain harmful chemicals and toxins (Eco Toys, 2015). Above all, the target market should want Acme’s new offerings because they are durable and last longer which can save the money spent buying toys frequently because they are plastic made.
Based on Acme Company Profile, customers perceive Acme as an experienced Company that delivers top-notch-quality products coupled with excellent customer services that give clients a pleasant experience (CfA, 2015, p. 1). Therefore, this perception has intensively built Acme’s good reputation in the public eye.
Furthermore, the following positioning map demonstrates how Acme Widget Company offer unique offering comparing to its competitors such as “Eastern Mountain Sports, Green Toys, and Performance Bicycle” (CfA, 2015, p.

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