Marketing Environment And Strategy Of Aesop

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Marketing analysis of Aesop

Aim: A study of the marketing environment and strategy of Aesop
Introduction and marketing background
Aesop is a firm that started its operations in Australia and works in an extremely competitive environment. The main objective of this marketing plan is to introduce the products of Aesop to the global markets. It becomes essential to analyze and research the product as well as the market in order to create a stronger strategy fit and align all of the marketing activities and efforts to the marketing goals and needs of the potential consumers. Identification of appropriate segments and markets is an essential foundation for the success of the product and the organization. The Australian market is extremely competitive and the company has positioned itself as a luxury products company. The organization 's current market position is that of a market leader. It follows mass marketing strategies. In case of marketing a new product the first consideration to be made by the marketer is that the target market includes the mass market or the targeted segment. Employing several developmental distribution tools including new distributors, online distribution, direct distribution and franchise distribution can be beneficial to the firm and its product as it is well aligned to the product and the firm 's requirement as well as objective. In this way the firm is able to create a brand that is popular and well known to its target
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