Marketing Strategy Of Diageo

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Diageo’s key ambition is to build one of the leading performing, most trusted and respected consumer products companies worldwide, which is currently been met due to mergers and acquisition. Diageo's main strategy is to drive top line growth and margin expansion in a sustainable and responsible way and to bring reliable value creation for its shareholders in the long term. Diageo will use its broad brand range to do this. They are category depth and geographic reach to deliver on consumer needs. Key to achieving its strategy is the expertise of its people who share the same values. Diageo has a wide range of chief brands across categories and price points. It possesses six of the world's top 20 spirit brands by retail sales, including Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff, the number one premium spirit brand by volume, making Diageo the leading first-class spirits industry in the world by volume, net sales and operating profit. In beer, Diageo owns one of the beyond doubt global…show more content…
The acquisitions of Mey İçki (Turkey), Ypióca (Brazil), the Serengeti and Meta breweries (Africa), its major shareholding in Shuijingfang (China), its investment in Halico (Vietnam), and its chief shareholding in United Spirits Limited (India), each display this strategy in action.
Diageo believes that they are the leading industry in marketing; they combine expertise and creative alliances to engage consumers by traditional and digital media channels. This knowledge and alliances, added with the benefits of global scale and consumer insights, they bring world class marketing campaigns that focus on the variety of price points from luxury to more reasonably priced brands. Marketing spend is focused on the strategic brands and the new high growth
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