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5. Marketing means solving problems of how best to meet customer needs. What were the mistakes Afjuz made in its former approach to marketing? What marketing strategy should Afjuz adopt to improve its performance on the British market? Give your reasons.

Marketing is a mix of activities involved in getting goods from the producer to the consumer. The producer is responsible for the design and manufacture of goods. Early marketing techniques followed production and were responsible only for moving goods from the manufacturer to the point of final sale. Now, however, marketing is much more pervasive. In large corporations the marketing functions precede the manufacture of a product. They involve market research and product development,
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As it turned out after 2,5 years all the attempts of the agency to boost sales, to enlarge a market share and heighten the popularity of the brand failed. They managed to rich just 0,8% share of the market (in contrast to predicted 3% within 3 years period) serving £0,5 mln of the market sales (for comparison the total market worth is estimated about £50 mln).

Preparing the expansion for the British market Marketing Board made a number of mistakes. The first and may be even the most serious false step was that they had not carried a thorough and all-round research and analysis of the received data. In order to realize and implement an efficient marketing strategy it is necessary to observe marketing management principles which include: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling decision making.

Oranges consider to be problem products in the view of distribution and sells – it is very difficult for the producer to inform potential customers of some unique features and difference from the competitors’ fruits. Moreover it is an extremely complicated task for the customer to identify and distinguish oranges of the concrete grower. Another and very important fact is that the world citrus-fruit market is shared among a group of large and well-organized producers who unwillingly agree to affiliate a new player.

Marketing Board also did not take into consideration the popularity
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