Pizza Hut, Inc. Market Survey Of Surrey Essay

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Pizza Hut, Inc. Market Survey of Surrey
Pizza Hut, is the main pizza place of the citizens of Canada and it is an ongoing process to Dine-in and delivering the pizza in less time. As this Pizza Hut is investing money to renovate the existing restaurants it helps them to increase their business and they are also wants to open some new Pizza Hut so the purpose of my report is to study the market of surrey that which is the best place for a new Pizza Hut.
This survey is conducted to identify suitable place for Pizza Hut and including this it includes the demographic information on the basis of:
• Population
• Occupation
• Age
• Income
• Traffic flow
• Education
This report is designed on the basis of survey in surrey at different busy places like Guildford, Horley, Godalming, and many more. The survey is conducted on the basis of abusy place so that it automatically helps to increase the sales of the Pizza Hut. Survey is also included the demographic information of the area which I think is the best place for Pizza Hut to build a new restaurant.
On the behalf of the survey Surrey Central Mall is the best place for a new Pizza Hut as it is the busiest place of the Surrey. Surrey Central Mall consist of following advantages to build a new Pizza Hut:
• A the Sky Train station in near to this , so all people which are using Sky train as their mode of transportation are able to visit this place easily and this leads to increase in the

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