Martha Ballard 's Diary Online

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Ballard, Martha (1785-1812). “Martha Ballard’s Diary Online.” Do History Archive. Martha Ballard, a famous Maine midwife, attended more than eight hundred births during her twenty-seven year tenure as sole midwife to her community. She journaled regularly over the course other adult life, yielding nearly ten thousand diary entries in total. This archive provides an unparalleled look into the role of the midwife in the delivery process. Additionally, several of Martha Ballard’s patients, especially one Mrs. Weston (sometimes referred to as Mrs. Williams) who exhibited symptoms of puerperal insanity such as “deriliam.” Ballard notes that her condition may be the result of both physical and emotional trauma. I chose the journals of…show more content…
I think that by including both theories, I can strengthen my overall argument by indicating that the issue is nuanced and cannot simply be rendered down to a single cause. Alternatively, as I develop my thesis, I could utilize one of these approaches as a “naysayer” within my text. Douglas, Ann Wood. “”The Fashionable Diseases”: Women 's Complaints and Their Treatment in Nineteenth-Century America.” The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 4, no. 1 (1973): 25-52. Ann Wood Douglas suggests that a significant number of number in America during the early nineteenth century considered themselves ill. Many of these women, Douglas asserts, were self-diagnosed. However, these diagnoses were both encouraged and stimulated by the culture surrounding them. These women were not just sick, instead, they were sick because they were women. Their anatomy, specifically the uterus, was viewed as an inherently erratic and troubled organ that
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