Marty Dibergi: Film Analysis

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At the beginning of the movie, it starts with Marty DiBergi and he is telling the audience the reason for this film, which is a documentary, or what he likes to refer to as "rockumentary", on a band called Spinal Tap. He felt that this group helped redefine the meaning of rock and roll. According to Marty, he states, “I wanted to capture the sights, the sounds, the smells, of a hard-working rock band…”. Right after Marty gives his reasoning for the movie, the camera cuts to the band getting ready for their performance in New York. While Marty is waiting for the concert to start, he interviews different fans and they talk about why they like the band and how the music makes them feel. Many of the viewers would see Marty conducting the interviews, …show more content…

David thought it would be a good idea for his girlfriend to co-manage the group and the camera turned to …show more content…

Another example is near the end of the movie when the band arrives in Seattle, Washington and they find out that they will not be performing in their original venue, but an Air Force base. When they arrive at the base, they are greeted by the lieutenant and he says how happy he was for them to be there and how the people on the base are big fans. The camera turns to Nigel, although he is not saying anything his facial expressions show that he does not believe anything that the lieutenant is saying and that he really does not want to perform there. When the movie is finished, viewers and fans gets to see another side to the entertainment they love so much. They get the chance to see how everything came to be, the struggle that they had to face, their persistence to keep going despite those struggles, and desire to please their fans. The one thing that really emphasizes who they were and how much they put in their work was the music. Without the music, the viewers would not get the chance to see who the artist is in their entirety. The music and the different scenes in this movie helped characterize the

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