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Summarize the Situation
Marvel Enterprises Inc, is famously known for one of the most recognizable collections of characters in the entertainment industry. The proprietary library of over 4700 characters contributed to the success of the company, in which the characters have been featured in various media forms for over 70 years. However due to various issues, Marvel was forced to file for bankruptcy in the late 1990s. Nevertheless after Toy Biz, Inc. acquired the company out of bankruptcy, it formed a new board and a new strategic direction. The three key strategies that can be identified to Marvel's success are: 1) monetizing the content library via licensing characters for the use of media products and consumer products i.e. motion
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In addition, Marvel will continue to strive in its publishing, toys, licensing divisions.
Here's Why It's Right
By integrating lesser-known characters with "blockbuster" characters or by pairing/grouping promising lesser-known characters, Marvel can use its successful storylines from its publishing division to launch the careers of characters that otherwise would remain in the publishing business (comic books). By using the success of characters like "Iron Man" ,"Captain America", lesser-known characters will be able to bring diversity onto the screen. Due to the various ways Marvel brings its properties to the market- film, television, video games etc. It is most logical to launch the careers of these lesser-known characters by creating short film and videos for television. Television is viewed by Marvel's younger target audience, and this would be a way for them to be exposed to characters they might not have heard of. This way Marvel can monitor the popularity of these characters whether it be with "Blockbuster" characters or lesser-known characters in pairs/groups to determine the possibility of turning into motion films. By not pushing them to the big screen first, testing the waters with these characters will help Marvel to determine the long term value of the characters.
Secondly, by moving into capital-intensive activities and playing a critical role in the story writing/idea generation and
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